A box without hinges, key, or lid — yet golden treasure inside is hid.


Crowover Farm Fresh Eggs from pastured chickens that really are free ranging & cage free! Pastured, happy chickens provide wicked good quality eggs!

Our Bakers Dozen Special:

Good Egg loyalty customers purchase the first 12 dozen eggs at our regular (Spring 2017) price of $4.50 and get the 13th free – paying the price of $4.16 per dozen (for 13). Please sign up at the farm stand and remember to check off your name when you buy eggs!

The eggs are collected, inspected, washed in warm water, boxed & refrigerated. The fridge outside is fitted to prevent freezing. Rarely are the eggs in the fridge older than a week.

Chicken - In the Freezer


Crowover Farm is a Smallholding in Ashburnham, MA at 178 Hastings Road · 978-827-4874